Door-drop campaigns deliver impressive response…

Door-drop campaigns (unaddressed mailings and leaflets) deliver impressive response rates and a good return on investment. Retailers in particular use the medium to communicate weekly offers to drive shop traffic, while service industries use it to create brand awareness and foster loyalty amongst new customers. 
For example, 86% of Dutch retailers state that door drop is the best-performing channel in terms of return on investment, with the same group estimating that almost 30% of their turnover is generated via door-drop campaigns (ICSB, 2011). Now worth over €3.8 billion across Europe (ELMA), door drop owes its popularity and success to its low cost, high reach and immediate access to customers. All door drop marketing material will get into the hands of a consumer, who can be tempted by offers or discounts printed on the card or leaflet that will hang around until they are ready to use it.
In short, door drop is a ready-made distribution channel delivering highly targeted material to consumers in their own homes.

So here are the seven key reasons for using it.

1 Delivering ROI
For a few euro cents per household, you can have your communication printed and delivered, driving rapid and measurable response. In the USA, Nielsen confirmed that almost 70% of the retailers say that print is critical in their strategy. The effectiveness of door drop is also demonstrated by the fact that 47% of those surveyed in a study use the physical voucher (Netwerk VSP, 2011). But the bottom line is that door drop delivers an impressive ROI compared to other media. In a UK study, door drop scored three times better in cost-per-response than the average of all other media, and more than five times better than direct mail (RDP Ltd).

2 Mass market
Door drop is the only truly national mass media available to marketers, with a satisfying 90-100% reach. Compare that with TV, radio, outdoor or mobile, and it becomes clear that with door drop, you get much more bang for your marketing buck. Supermarkets, DIY, furniture, cosmetics, gardening and clothes stores and many other stores and brands are using door drops.
Since door drop is a mass-market medium, consumers certainly notice the campaigns: when a group of consumers were asked whether they have seen a brand in a door drop, 33% said they had, compared to TV advertising, which scored 19% ( Metrixlab, 2011).

3 The right environment
The fact that the consumer receives your material in their own home is crucial. They can take in and respond to the messages in their own time, never forced or coerced, putting the control firmly in their hands. Door drops are appreciated by consumers, with a score of 6.9 (on a scale of 10). Only 8% of consumers say that door drops are irritating (Intomart GFK, 2011). Reading frequency and time spend with door drops is therefore high, respectively 77% (France and Belgium) and 31 minutes (Belgium). Research also shows that average TV viewers, print readers or internet users spend about the same time reading door drops as the overall average (Balmetrie, 2014) demonstrating the acceptance of the channel.

4 Driving response
Consumers receiving door drop are generally very happy with the leaflets; overall appreciation is 41%, with more than half saying that door drops are not invasive (MetrixLab, 2011). Because of the positive attitude towards leaflets it has an important influence on consideration level of a product (45%) or on buying it (31%) (DtD Impact Survey 2014). Brands trigger this responsiveness by using for example vouchers, in France 20% of all door drops carry a voucher. Women are very responsive to coupons and vouchers; 89% of women bought or tried a new food product after receiving a coupon.

5 Creativity
The potential for creativity with door drop is too good to waste, with many companies taking advantage of the versatility of the medium to really push the boat out. Holograms, scented paper, 3D techniques, unusual paper stocks, all can be used to great effect, creating a memorable brand experience for the consumer. With the new technology of integrating digital print on offset presses, door drops can become more personalised than before, offering vouchers and coupons per city or region. Or changing dealer or shop names and address details per region.

6 Sample distribution
Getting your product into the kitchens of your customers is a great way of not only raising awareness of your brand, but getting people to actually try your product. Previous campaigns have featured full-size boxes of breakfast cereal, tins of pet food and even lightbulbs! In Germany 5% of the door drop includes a sample of a product, making it really easy for consumers to try the product at home (WVO 2014)
The figures speak for themselves: 71% of consumers cite product sampling as the main reason for switching to another brand, while 79% consider it the main reason for buying new products (Opinion Research Corporation, 2009).

7 Integration
Door drop is a hard-working marketing medium, but works even harder when used as part of an integrated campaign. Above-the-line advertising creates the awareness of a product or service, but it will often take door drop to trigger the action, sale or response. This could be confirming a visit to a dealership via their website, activating the brand on a large scale. Retailers, very much involved in omnichannel marketing, understand perfectly well how to make door drop part of their advertising plan.

Already door drops have the ability to integrate with digital media, driving traffic to websites or mobile via the use of QR codes, Augmented Reality or Near Field Communication (NFC)


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